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  • If you want to extend the service life of the equipment, the cleaning details that the plastic steel door and window equipment must know

    With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous improvement of the pursuit of quality, various decoration materials have gradually begun to pay attention. Door and window equipment is a good example. Among them, plastic steel doors and windows have won the favor and attention of many families because of their unique advantages and performance. Of course, the realization of many functions is inseparable from the processing of plastic-steel door and window equipment. As a user, the cleaning of plastic-steel door and window equipment is also very important. When necessary, the service life of the equipment can be improved. What details should be paid attention to when cleaning the equipment?

  • So how to clean plastic steel profile doors and windows?

    Everyone must develop a good habit of cleaning doors and windows regularly, which will also help to extend the service life of plastic-steel doors and windows.

  • How do I troubleshoot hard-to-open windows?

    It's hard to imagine a house without windows. They let the sun shine through the built-in louvered glass, and the breeze blows through every room, allowing us to enjoy the view. All of these benefits are available when they are working properly, but when they are not, they will have a negative impac

  • Possible problems in assembling UPVC doors and windows

    What problems do you often encounter when assembling UPVC Profile doors and windows? LUMEI Profile analyzes for you:1. Bending deformation of UPVC Profile before cuttingThe bending deformation of UPVC Profile before blanking mainly occurs in two forms:1. Bending deformation during production

  • If you want upvc doors and windows to have a long service life, how should you maintain the doors and windows?

    UPVC window and door is a new generation of door and window materials, which have the advantages of high wind pressure resistance, good air tightness and good water tightness. However, if you want to extend the service life of UPVC window and door, you should maintain it.

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