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How to perform anti-corrosion treatment on UPVC Profile?

UPVC Profile

UPVC Profile has good corrosion resistance, so the corrosion resistance of plastic steel doors and windows mainly depends on the choice of hardware, such as anti-corrosion hardware, stainless steel, and its service life is about 10 times that of steel windows. Now let us take a look at how UPVC Profile performs anti-corrosion treatment.

Various gap values are stipulated in national standards, but for customers, the smaller the gap value at the connection of various profiles, the tighter the fit and the more sophisticated the assembly process, which reflects the assembly level and the accuracy of the assembly tools. UPVC Profile doors and windows should be painted with anti-corrosion agent on the contact surface with cement mortar for anti-corrosion treatment. Before plastering, plastic-steel windows should be wrapped or pasted with plastic film to protect them. The plastic film should not be damaged before doors and windows are installed and indoor and outdoor wet work is not completed. Prevent the mortar from corroding the surface layer. The protective film of the plastic steel window should be torn off before handing over. It should be torn lightly, and a shovel should not be used to prevent the surface from being scratched and affecting the appearance. If there is a jelly on the surface of the plastic steel window, wipe it clean with cotton silk dipped in a special solvent. If there are local scratches, use a small brush to dip the dyeing solution for dyeing and patching. It is strictly forbidden to wipe or smash the plastic steel window frame during the erection and dismantling of shelves, outdoor plastering, steel keel installation, pipeline construction and transportation. This will ensure that our profiles are not corroded.

Anti-corrosion treatment of UPVC Profile: In addition to the assembly gap of various plastic steel profiles to be assembled, it is also important that the sealing strip is uniform and firm. The interface gap should not be greater than 1mm, which reflects the sealing performance of the window. Plastic steel doors are usually used as inner doors of buildings, and the requirements for sealing are not so high.

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