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What should be paid attention to when manufacturing UVC profiles?

uPVC Profile

First, due to the amorphous material of the upvc profile, the moisture absorption is small, but in order to improve the flow profile and prevent the occurrence of bubbles, it should be dried first

Second, because the upvc profile has poor fluidity during molding, it is easy to be decomposed, especially in the case of high temperature contact with steel, copper and other metals are more likely to be decomposed, the decomposition temperature is 200 ℃, and the decomposition is accompanied by corrosion and irritating gases produce

Third, the temperature range of the upvc profile is small during molding, and the molding and decomposition temperature are very close, so the temperature of the material must be strictly controlled

Fourth, when using screw-type injections and straight-through nozzles, the aperture should be larger, and there should be no stagnant material in the dead corner. If there is stagnant material, it must be cleaned up in time.

Fifth, for the requirements of the mold, the gate system of the mold should be short and thick, the cross section of the gate should be large, the dead corners should not be stagnant, the mold should be cooled after use, and the surface should be chrome-plated

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