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Identification method of UPVC Profile

UPVC Profile

If you want to identify the advantages and disadvantages of UPVC Profile, you need to look at it from two aspects. One is to look at its appearance. Generally, high-quality profiles have uniform dimensions, reasonable inner cavity structure, no bubbles, soft color, and protective film. The coating is flat, and the wall thickness of the epitaxial part is generally about 2 mm. The second is to look at the anti-counterfeiting code. Generally, the genuine plastic-steel profile has an anti-counterfeiting code on the side, which is composed of 20 Arabic numerals in the shape of dots. On the other hand, the printing numbers of inferior UPVC Profile are relatively vague and easy to be erased, and the numbers are often repeated.

First of all, when you buy UPVC Profile, you should first look at the packaging of the profile, that is, the protective film on the profile is the trademark, to see if it is smooth and smooth, with or without air bubbles, and whether it is in a straight line from one end to the other. The trademarks of the counterfeit profiles are all posted by hand in the later period, there are many bubbles, and they are crooked, and the quality of the trademarks is also very poor, which can be seen by careful observation.

Then tear off the protective film to see the surface of the UPVC Profile. The surface of the good profile is very smooth and smooth, without uneven spots, bright, and the color is really white like milk. Depending on the wall thickness of the profile, the main wall thickness of a good profile can reach more than two millimeters. In addition, it depends on the toughness of the profile. You can use a vise to clamp the wall of the profile and break it back and forth. A good profile will not be easily broken. However, this method is not suitable in winter, because the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the plastic will become very brittle. Strictly speaking, it is not allowed to process plastic steel windows in an environment below 10 degrees according to the relevant national industry regulations.

The last thing is to look at the anti-counterfeiting code. There will be anti-counterfeiting code on the real UPVC Profile. Under normal circumstances, you can distinguish the true and false without making an inquiry call. There will be 4 to 6 code groups on a 6-meter-long profile. First of all, it depends on whether the handwriting of the coding group is clear and complete. If it is a fake profile, it is basically brushed by hand with a very simple transfer machine after leaving the factory, and it will be blurred. The coding group of the real profile is unique. Yes, the fake profiles are generally a batch of a common spray code group. If you are worried, you can also call the inquiry phone to check the authenticity of the spray code.

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