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How to judge whether UPVC Profile is poisonous

UPVC Profile

UPVC Profile is known as energy saving and environmental protection, but energy saving does not mean environmental protection. Many toxic UPVC Profiles will not only pollute the environment, but also harm human health. How to judge whether UPVC Profile is poisonous? LUMEI Profile manufacturers share as follows.

1. Look at the product profile name

Toxic UPVC Profile generally uses low-cost lead salt stabilizers as the main raw material. This raw material contains lead and is named "PVC profile". Non-toxic UPVC Profile uses non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly thiol organotin T-137 stabilizer, named "VPVC profile".

2. Look at the packaging logo

Look at the product name, executive standard, factory name, factory address, quality level, etc. marked on the product packaging or label. For example, whether the basic content annotations are complete, whether there is ghosting or deviation in the color of the text or pattern. If the content of the packaging logo is incomplete, the text or pattern is overprinted with ghosting or deviation, it must be produced by a small profile enterprise, and it is best not to buy it.

3. Look at the quality inspection certificate

After choosing the UPVC Profile, you must ask the dealer for the product quality inspection certificate. If the inspection items in the certificate or inspection report are marked with lead content, it proves that the product is a PVC profile.

4. Look at the color of the product

The color of the toxic UPVC Profile is white. Although it is white, it gives people a very "stupid" intuitive feeling, that is, it is dark or white and blue, with a strong sense of cleanliness. After using for a period of time, it will gradually become gray due to the pollution of sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere. black. The color of the non-toxic plastic steel is pure, like ivory white, and the smoothness is transparent and soft, and it has the feeling of penetrating into it. It will not be gray-black when it is polluted by sulfur and sulfide in the atmosphere.

5. Look at the effect of use

Lead salt UPVC Profile will form lead dust on the surface under the long-term action of sunlight and heat, which will cause lead poisoning and lead pollution. After lead enters the human body, except part of it is excreted through stool and sweat, most of it is deposited in the bone marrow and melted into the blood, which damages the brain nervous system, urinary system and reproductive organs. The above symptoms will not occur when using organotin plastic steel profiles.

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