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How to Remove UPVC Windows

UPVC window

In family life, the UPVC window used may not be pushed or pulled. At this time, the UPVC window should be disassembled and repaired first. But many people don't know how to remove UPVC windows. Let's take a look at how to remove UPVC windows.

(1) First, remove the sealing strip on the side of the window sash. If it is a four-window sash, there is a sealing strip in the middle. Use a flat-blade screwdriver from the bottom to slowly pry it open. Generally, this kind of thing is difficult to take out, and it is likely to rot. Be careful not to damage the sash, as it doesn't cost much to replace a single seal.

(2) After removing the sealing strips on both sides of the window sash, lift the window sash up until the top is lifted to the top of the upper slide rail, and then the bottom of the window sash can be moved out from the window, so that a window sash is successfully taken. If you can't take it off when it is lifted to the top, it may be that the window frame is deformed. You can try to take it from one side or the other side of the window frame. If this side is easy to take, take out one sash and then push the rest of the sash. Remove it from this position, because it may be caused by the deformation of the window frame during installation or use, causing a certain part to be more than 1mm or 2mm high. In that case, it will be very laborious to remove.

(3) UPVC window is finished in this way, and then to take the glass, or use a flat-blade screwdriver, it is recommended to use a carpenter's wide point, because the larger the force area, the profile will not be damaged so easily, start slowly from the gap Slowly pry, after there is a little seam, push it diagonally to the inside of the window sash, and then slowly remove it. Only the first one is removed, then the other three are easier to remove. It is better to remove the glass bead first. Long and wide.

(4) Then clean the glass again.

The above is how to remove UPVC window.

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