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Do you know how to maintain the door and window corner cleaning machine equipment?

PVC Window and Door Corner Cleaning Machinery equipment is often seen in our daily life, such as the corner forming machine, which is a device used to form corners for aluminum alloy doors and windows, which brings convenience to our life and is used in daily production work. The maintenance of the machine is also very important. Let's take you to understand how to maintain the corner equipment!

Wear personal protective equipment correctly before use, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited. The transmission parts of the angle forming machine need to be frequently added with lubricating oil to make the amount of lubricating oil sufficient, so as not to cause jams and affect the angle forming effect of the angle forming machine. To clean the work site and work table of the corner forming machine, adjust the tool plane to make it parallel to the work table. It is necessary to always pay attention to the cleanliness of the surface of the tool and the work surface to avoid corrosion of the tool and no impurities in the corners.

The liquid level of the oil tank should be kept on the line of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from being sucked up. When it is used frequently, the oil tank should be cleaned every two months, the oil filter should be cleaned once every six months, and the new oil should be replaced at the same time. When using the group angle, the protective film near the end face of the profile angle should be torn off, and the end face should be cleaned up. Nothing should stick to it to prevent a gap after the group angle. The high-pressure hose should be checked regularly. Long-term use will lead to the aging of the hose, and damage everywhere will reduce the compressive strength of the hose.

The normal working oil temperature is 20℃-50℃. When the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to take cooling measures or stop the pump. After the oil is fully cooled, it can work normally. The working pressure of the pump is not allowed to be adjusted arbitrarily. When the oil temperature is too low, it is forbidden to work directly, and heating measures should be taken. The oil temperature can be increased by external heating or low pressure operation. After the work is completed, turn off the power first, and clean the work surface and the sanitation around the equipment, so that the corner forming machine is in a clean and tidy environment. The corner forming machine needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.

The above is the daily maintenance of PVC Window and Door Corner Cleaning Machinery equipment. Regular maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also reduce the hidden danger of accidents and reduce maintenance costs. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone!

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